Lindsay Lohan Brushes Lounge Manager in Car Accident?

Hollywood FAQs: Seems like American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan cannot be away from controversy for long. The police confirmed that the actress lightly struck another vehicle with her own car March 14, 2012. The Los Angeles Police Department Spokesperson, Richard French said that the actress was cornered in a narrow parking lot by the paparazzi due to which she grazed another vehicle while attempting to get away.

The spokesperson added that the officers had immediately responded and when they got there the owner of the car said that they wasn’t any injury or damage to the car and it was an extremely minor case. Some other media reports said that the ‘Mean Girls’ actress had struck the knee and the car of the manager of the Hookah Lounge in Hollywood when she was attempting a three point turn and then drive away. Later it was also claimed that the manager of the lounge said that he needed medical attention and the police soon confirmed that no one was hurt and considered the case as closed.

Further reports also said that the club manager reportedly went to the emergency room after he complained that he was injured and had even hired an attorney. On the other hand, Lohan’s representative did not have any comments about the incident. After the incident, the cops were immediately called after which people inside the Hookah Lounge were interviewed including the manager.

More media reports even said that the actress might be the one to call the police to protect herself from the paparazzi due to which the cops came at the scene. Some of the eye witnesses said that the manager may not have suffered an injury and even if it is the case then Lindsay did not violate any law. But it would have been a case of hit and run case if the manager was injured.