Steven Spielberg to make Jurassic Park in 3D?

Hollywood FAQs: Several film makers in Hollywood are now indulging into making the 3D versions of their earlier released films. Thanks to this marvelous technology, film makers are greatly helped in releasing the already produced movies in 3D version too. News is that Hollywood film making giant Steven Spielberg has jumped on the 3D bandwagon and rumor has it that he might also plan to post convert his block buster movie ‘Jurassic Park’ in the near future. Fellow film maker George Lucas is also working hard at the conversion of ‘Star Wars’ and James Cameron will also be releasing ‘Titanic 3D’ next year.

Spielberg, who was at the press day recently for the ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, was asked if he was also considering to post convert any of his films. The film maker was optimistic and said that the first one he would love to convert was ‘Jurassic Park’. Spielberg stated that James Cameron had done the greatest 3D conversion with ‘Avatar’.

The director stated that James is set to teach everyone a lesson on the post conversion method. Steven said that if everyone follows his footsteps then more such 3D wonders can be made.

Reports state that the only movie Steven is interested to convert is the first ‘Jurassic’. James Cameron’s ‘Titanic 3D’ is all set to be released in April 2012 and may be at that time Spielberg will be more determined to convert his other hit movies in to 3D.

Spielberg also made it clear that he does not make such decision so lightly. When asked if he and George Lucas will make a fifth Indiana Jones movie, the film maker said that he does not want to make a fifth Indiana Jones and prove any point. Spielberg added that if Lucas doesn’t want a fifth movie, he is fine with it.