After Leaked Playboy Photos, Lindsay Lohan’s Purse Gets Stolen in Hawaii

Hollywood FAQs: American actress Lindsay Lohan is not only making news, but is also getting all the needed attention to stay in the limelight. After the leaked Playboy pictures, the ‘Mean Girls’ actress has now come up with a new problem. Reports stated tht Lohan’s purse was stolen while she was vacationing in Hawaii. During the weekend, the actress was in Honolulu County region when her Chanel purse worth $5000 was stolen – it had $10,000 in cash and an ID in it.


Lohan was at a party, but wasn’t drinking and her bag which had her passport, probation papers and also other forms of identification with cash went missing. Later reports said that the bag of the star was returned, but it was just the cash that was missing. Lohan was actually worried about the important papers in the bag as the loss of which would have put her back in to the jail. An audio recording of the actress was also obtained in which Lohan can be heard talking to her friend about the missing belongings.

In the conversation, the ‘Parent Trap’ actress is heard saying that the bag was in the car which was locked, but did not have an alarm. Lohan also said that she needs the papers that were inside her purse for appearing at her next court date in Los Angeles. The actress said that she will ‘kill’ someone if she has to get stuck in jail for a year. This is the latest development for Lohan who has constantly been in the news, first for the Playboy stint and now for the recent theft.

While talking to a magazine, Lindsay said that while she looks back she probably would have listened to and taken more advice from people who she admires and would have also followed through with it. Lohan added that in the past five years she learned that time flies faster than one can think. Well said Lindsay!