Prince Harry Ready To Introduce Meghan Markle To The Queen

Prince Harry
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It hasn’t even been a complete year since Prince Harry broke hearts everywhere. The royal and heir to the throne of England has found solace in the arms of Suits actress, Meghan Markle. And though their relationship is relatively new, it is being widely reported that the Prince wants to take it to the next level – by proposing to the actress!

Last year, Harry introduced his new girlfriend to his brother, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton. It seems that they have quite taken up to Meghan and have approved of her presence in the young royal’s life. In fact, a short while after reports began emerging about their relationship, Prince William took it upon himself to send an open letter to the media to leave the new couple alone. Next was an introduction to his father, the next in line to the throne, Prince William. Again, Meghan was warmly welcomed and is now a favorite with the more open-minded lot of the royal family.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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But the biggest hurdle will be when Prince Harry has to introduce Meghan Markle to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II herself! As per protocol, he cannot make it official with this partner unless the Queen approves of it. Seems a little archaic, but that’s the way it is done in Great Britain. If reports are proven right, then the introduction will take place this coming Mother’s Day that takes place on March 26. A source has apparently spilled the beans to the tabloids –

“Meghan is headed to meet the Queen on Mother’s Day. She’s already been given the green light from Prince Charles. The next step is the Prince’s grandmother.”

He’s hoping that the Queen accepts his love, because soon after that, he plans on proposing to her! In the same way that his elder brother proposed to his lady love with their late mother’s own jewels. Princess Diana was known for her jewelry, and it would seem that Prince Harry is going to get a custom-made engagement ring for Meghan. The American actress is said to love emeralds, so that’s what he’s going for. Another source said of the impending rumored engagement –

“For Harry, like Wills [William] before him, using his mother’s gems means the two loves of his life will forever be inked.”

Who else is excited for another royal wedding?!