Top 10 Best TV Shows Of 2016 – How Many Have You Streamed?


Though movies didn’t exactly kill it this year (though they were commercial successes, like Suicide SquadBatman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, etc.), the silver screen took over with 2016 being one of the best times for television. Whether it was Netflix, FX or HBO, each of them sent our imaginations in a tizzy, with some of the most memorable moments and season endings ever. Netflix and Chill?! Oh, yes please!

Now, this review only has shows that premiered this year, so don’t expect any Game of Thrones (though we’d love to give you some serious spoilers!) or Mr. Robot. And definitely not The Simpsons nor Rick & Morty. Also, the listing is not in any particular order of awesomeness…though all of them are binge-watching approved.

Search Party

Alia Shawkat in Search Party

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This show is truly millennial gold. Starring Alia Shawkat as Dory Stewart, the show follows a group of oddballs who come together to try and find their missing friend. The show is shot with a single-camera, and what is great about it is the way each character takes on a role with quirks we find both loveable and annoying, much like people we know, or even traits within ourselves.

Horace & Pete

Louis CK and Steve Buscemi in Horace & Pete

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Louis C.K. has that way with comedy. It’s comedy, but it’s already relatable and not in-your-face. Unlike other comedy shows that force the jokes, this one comes naturally with the poignant caricatures of each character. He debuted the pilot as a surprise on his website way back in January, but 10 episodes later, it’s still a hit and 2017 may see him coming back for more. And oh, it also stars Steve Buscemi, so that’s a treat in case anyone has been keeping up with his fantastic Hollywood movies.


Still from Rectify

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When you think of Black Southern shows, stuff like My Wife and KidsEverybody Hates Chris, etc. come to mind. But this show was one to look out for. It tells the story of a man who was jailed as a teen for the rape and murder of his girlfriend. After serving years on death row, he is released, as new evidence proves he wasn’t the murderer. His return to his hometown in Georgia is one of mixed emotions and his journey to reconcile his past and build a future in a small town.

Stranger Things

Eleven from Stranger Things

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See, Netflix is the shizz. Stranger Things was the center of attention this year, with a talented cast that includes the likes of Wynona Ryder and Millie Bobbie Brown. There were so many Eleven costumes this Halloween and people began eating Eggos because of it! But all that aside, the show focuses on three children who meet with a psychokinetic abilities, and together they battle sinister forces, both human and out-worldly to find a missing child.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

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This show won at the Gotham Awards 2016. It tells the story of a regular lawyer with what appears to be a successful life, until she bumps into an ex she met years ago. Sensing that there is something more to this chance meeting, she leaves her life behind and follows him, creating a new life he doesn’t know about, though she’s always in his periphery. This show is a coming-of-age and more dramatic version of I Love Lucy.

The Americans

The Americans

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A fictional story with elements of reality, the show is written by a man who once worked as a spy for the CIA. Though it does talk about the main character’s professional life, according to the writer, it is more a “marriage story”.

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

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If you’re done with The SimpsonsFamily Guy and other animated comedy, then this show is the one to watch. Voice-overs include main character, BoJack by Will Arnett with contributions from Alison Brie, Aaron Paul and Amy Sedaris, among others. It is a satirical take on Hollywood, telling the story of a washed-up actor who wants to get back in the game. Hollywood has other plans.

American Crime Story: People vs O.J. Simpson

American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson

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The reality docu-series on one of the most infamous cases in Hollywood, the show starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson goes back to the much-publicized murder mystery of the sportsman’s wife and his ultimate escape from going to prison, thanks to the late Robert Kardashian and his lawyers. It was a real eye-opener for many of us who were just as confused about the conflicting reports in the media.

The Girlfriend Experience

Riley Keough (left) in The Girlfriend Experience

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Starring Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, the extremely beautiful Riley Keough, the show is about a legal student who tries to balance internships, college and expenses. She reluctantly enters the world of high-end escorts, but takes things into her own hands, getting into emotional spins and uncovering a scandal at the law firm she works at.


Anthony Hopkins in Westworld

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If you’re into science fiction, then this is the show to watch. It stars some of the strongest performers of Hollywood – Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden and Anthony Hopkins, among others. Probably a scenario from the future, the show is about a high-end amusement park where hosts allow guests to come in and do whatever they want, without facing any retaliation. Imagine that! Mind=Blown.