Affleck’s Argo showcases Hollywood-Iran relationsip

Ben Affleck has now been behind the camera for three films, and his latest ‘Argo’ tells the story of Hollywood’s role in the 1979 hostage crisis in Iran. The move is set against the Iranian revolution in which 52 Americans were held for over a year in Tehran in an international standoff.

The actor-director stated that it was not his intention of getting caught up in politics, however his movie is being released fewer than 4 weeks before the November 6 US elections, in which President Barrack Obama is facing some flack over attacks on US missions abroad.

The real life story behind the movie revolves around Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer Tony Mendez, who’s idea of disguising diplomats as film crew personnel allowed them to escape the country. Affleck mentioned that he could not believe how good the script was when he saw it. Mendez has played a big part in the making of the movie, and Affleck credits it with being his story and his point of view.

Affleck spoke about how he wanted to film to be historically accurate so that people get a clear picture as to what the situation was at the time in that part of the world. He went on to say that just because the Middle East is going through a tumultuous time, it would be bad to stop talking about and examining the situation.