Elton John likely to perform at Royal Wedding in 2011

English singer and pianist, Sir Elton John, is likely to perform at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which is scheduled in the spring of 2011.

The singer was said to be the favorite of Late Princess Diana, according to Steve Wright a Radio 2 presenter. When asked about his performance at the Wedding Elton said, ‘I probably am’, before quickly joking: ‘I’ll probably be busking outside.’

Elton was surrounded by fans as soon as he left the London BBC studio. Sources say that he will also be a guest editor for “The Independent” newspaper. Elton however, refused to budge about his Royal wedding performance. ‘There’s not going to be much about the royal wedding in there, though. I think we’ve had enough of that for the time being,’ Elton said.

Sir Elton John had also performed at the funeral Princess Diana. He performed the hit ‘Candle In The Wind’ which apparently became one of the largest selling tracks in the UK.