Lindsay Lohan Lobbying For ‘The Little Mermaid’ Musical Role

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been doing her best to keep out of the spotlight, but there’s always something that puts her back into the limelight. She last appeared on the screen for Oprah’s docu-series called Lindsay. There, we saw what life is like for the former child star and her outlook after seven stints in rehab. She was also recently under media scrutiny with her […]

Top Romantic Disney Movies Of All Time!

Disney has been the fantasy of many an adult and child over the past couple of decades. If you’re a citizen of the ’90s, you would have lived through some of the best animated pictures to ever hit cinemas. From Cinderella to Alice in Wonderland to even modern movies like Star Wars, Disney knows how to captivate an audience. On the eve of Disney’s live […]