Ozzy Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne claims Ozzy Osbourne cheated on her with six women

Sharon Osbourne may be many things, and the one thing she is not, is quiet. The The View star recently opened up about the harrowing time she’s had in her 35-year marriage to rocker Ozzy Osbourne. One thing is for sure, through their tumultuous marriage, the two have stayed committed to one another. Well, at least Sharon has. Last year, the tabloids went crazy after her daughter […]


Former Mistress Of Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Out

If you thought that extra-marital affairs weren’t disgusting enough, the shameless former mistress of Black Sabbath rocker, Ozzy Osbourne has spoken exclusively to People magazine about their 4-year tryst under the sheets. Michelle Pugh, celebrity hair colorist, was earlier put on blast by Ozzy’s loudmouth daughter, Kelly, once their affair came to light. Her number was distributed on Twitter by the former Fashion Police co-host, following which there were […]