Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is Back With The Anti-Social Network Prank Show

She’s back, b*tches! Yes, Lindsay Lohan is aiming for television and your smartphone with her new reality prank show, The Anti-Social Network. She says she’s back, and better than ever. Her aim is to hijack phones and take over the participant’s social media for a full 24 hours. She will have complete access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – everything! Whatever she posts on your behalf […]


Lindsay Lohan Lobbying For ‘The Little Mermaid’ Musical Role

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been doing her best to keep out of the spotlight, but there’s always something that puts her back into the limelight. She last appeared on the screen for Oprah’s docu-series called Lindsay. There, we saw what life is like for the former child star and her outlook after seven stints in rehab. She was also recently under media scrutiny with her […]


Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam? Star Deletes Instagram Photos

Another day, another headline involving Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan has always claimed that she is spiritual. Despite her partying lifestyle and six stints in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse, the troubled actress seems to be finally turning things around. At least if the current social media frenzy is anything to go by. The latest in Lindsay Lohan news is that she may […]


Lindsay Lohan Is Game For Mean Girls 2 And Is Already Penning Script

Is ‘Fetch’ finally going to happen?! Reality star and actress, Lindsay Lohan is looking for a better 2017 – and she’s gifting her fans something that only Lindsay can – the possibility of a reboot to her 2004 hit flick on high school, Mean Girls. Photo Credit It seems Ms. Lohan told fans: “I have already written a treatment for it. I just need a response. […]

Lindsay Lohan tweets about pregnancy, fake or real?

It looks like American actress and socialite Lindsay Lohan is trying to trick her followers. After a long day, which ended on the East Coast, Lohan tweeted a message which shocked many of her fans online. The actress wrote, “It’s official. Pregnant…”. The 26-year-old star has just started dating musician Avi Snow, apart from being rounded up with legal troubled and a 90-day lockdown rehabilitation […]

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to locked rehab

American actress Lindsay Lohan is once again in trouble. The ‘Liz & Dick’ actress once again avoided jail term by agreeing to spend around 90 days locked in a drug rehab centre. The agreement was part of a plea deal to settle criminal charges against her on March 18, 2013. Lohan had entered into pleas of no contest on two of the misdemeanor charges levied against her, […]

Lindsay Lohan set to appear on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management

American actress Lindsay Lohan is all set to appear on Charlie Sheen’s comedy Anger Management. The actress will be seen playing herself in one of the episodes and  will be having a romantic relationship with Sheen’s character in the series. However, this is not the first time the two are coming together. The actors worked together for the shooting of the upcoming movie ‘Scary Movie […]