Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Debuts New Extreme Haircut On The Red Carpet

Seriously, who doesn’t secretly (or even openly) have a crush on Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart? Since her days as the confused Bella Swan being pursued by a sparkly vampire and a lovelorn werewolf, she has transformed her image, both on and off camera, and is slowly becoming a cult youth icon. Extremely private, awkward and downright beautiful, the 26-year-old leaves us in awe every time she makes […]


The Worst Movies Of 2016 – From Suicide Squad To X-Men Apocalypse

2016 was really a fantastic year for Hollywood movies. And during this year’s awards season, you will get to see all of them winning big honors for making audiences and critics happy. La La Land, Spotlight, Manchester by The Sea – all of them are just must-watches. And then there are the duds. We were promised a lot, but some of the biggest names didn’t deliver. It was […]


Kristen Stewart Is Rumored To Be Dating St. Vincent

Since coming out to several magazines about her open sexuality and not hiding anymore, it seems that Twilight star Kristen Stewart has a new partner in this season that makes everyone want to cuddle with someone special. And the “partner” in question is none other than musician, St. Vincent, real name, Annie Clark. They were recently spotted together during the New York Film Festival where Stewart’s movie, Certain […]

Kristen Stewart does not like to be Googled

The 2008 movie ‘Twilight’ was the Hollywood flick which helped Kristen Stewart hit stardom. The ‘Undertow’ actress was a teenager then and said that fame had invaded her private life, as she can be Google’d all the time now. In an email interaction from Los Angeles, Stewart said that being a star comes at a huge price and that is sacrificing your personal freedom. The […]