Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton sets the record straight, says sex tape ruined chances of being like Princess Diana

Paris Hilton and her leaked sex tape, One Night in Paris filmed in 2001 became quite the rage in 2003 when the tape was released by her then boyfriend, Rick Salomon. Though Hilton has been in news several times over her short-term relationships, jail time and her carefree and wealthy lifestyle, it was this tape that put her in the limelight, for all the wrong reasons. 14 […]


The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Admits To Plastic Surgery

Though Hollywood celebrities look one way on a given day and then look slightly nipped/tucked the next, not many openly admit to going under the knife to improve how they appear. But one difference is open booked Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory‘s Penny. The 30-year-old actress will appear in December’s issue of a fitness magazine, and while she looks fit AF on the cover and […]


Carrie Fisher Dishes on Affair with Harrison Ford During Star Wars

How exciting is it to have some juicy gossip actually be proven true, even though it’s been decades since said juicy gossip was relevant. And this isn’t some “source” dishing the details, this comes straight from the horse’s, or should we say, princess’ mouth in a memoir worth all the speculation in the world, or galaxy far, far away. So Carrie Fisher, who played Princess […]


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Declared People’s Sexiest Man Alive

He broke records and won accolades during his early days as one of the top pro-wrestlers on WWE, known then simply as “The Rock”. After a successful transition to Hollywood, with many hits under his acting belt, Dwayne Johnson can add one more title to his name: People Magazine’ Sexiest Man Alive! He takes over the title from English footballer, David Beckham and joins the […]

Kristen Bell Dax Shepherd

Kristen Bell Talks About Husband Dax’s Dark Past

You regularly see them on the red carpet, all bubbly and generally happy about the life they have built together. But like any other regular couple, they have each faced their own dark pasts. Last month, actress Kristen Bell had spoken about how she battled with depression, and still does, to this day. The world came to understand a whole new side to the Bad Moms star, […]


Bobby Recounts Interesting Events Of His Life In Interview

Bobby is still devastated by the deaths of the two women he loved most in his life. This was revealed during an ABC News interview dubbed 20/20 done by Robin Roberts on Tuesday night. Bobby Brown married Whitney Houston between 1992 and 2007. Their wedding was done in New Jersey and had 800 guests in attendance. Bobby says he was deeply in love with Whitney […]