The Simpsons

The Simpson music composer Alf Clausen fired after 27 years on the show

After nearly three decades working on The Simpsons, its main music composer, Alf Clausen has reportedly been fired. In an interview with Variety, the award-winning composer said that producer Richard Sakai called him up and told him that going forward, the show was looking for a different kind of music as compared to what audiences are used to. Since starting on the show in the early […]


Prison Break Season 5 Is Coming – Prepare To Break Out!

Michael Scofield and his team of convicts are back again for another season of total escape – Prison Break Season 5 is coming soon! The cult hit series is being renewed for another season, and as we know it, the main cast is plotting another plan against the government. True, the end of Season 4 showed us that Scofield was dead, having sacrificed his life […]


The Simpsons Breaks Record With Two-Season Renewal On Fox

Queue The Simpsons theme song, will ya?! Fox’s favorite animated family show has just been renewed for not one, but TWO seasons! It will be the 29th and 30th seasons viewers will get to see of Springfield all the way up to 2018. And yes, it is not only the longest running animated show ever, but also has the largest number of episodes in total – 669 […]