How Artistic Is Kanye West’s “Famous” Video Exactly?

Kanye West has always been known as an eccentric artiste, and probably one of the most talented ones out there in today’s hip-hop scene. Kanye has been going a little crazier than usual these days, known now mostly for his Twitter rants and Yeezy apparel brand. He just dropped his latest album, “The Life Of Pablo”, and before it even dropped, there was some controversy […]

Kanye West Takes Another Dig At Taylor Swift

Between his busy lifestyle of being a rapper and ranting on Twitter, Kanye West didn’t miss the opportunity to take another dig at Taylor Swift during a recent performance. Kanye, The Life Of Pablo rapper, was at Los Angeles’ 1OAK Club, the frequent haunt of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities, when he once again dissed the Out Of The Woods singer for the recent controversy pertaining to his latest […]