Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver divorce not finalized

Austrian-American actor and producer Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver have not yet finalized their divorce, even though the details of the split have already been worked out. The couple had filed for divorce in 2011, but nothing has been finalized yet. Looking at the current situation, sources close to the couple predict that there are chances of reconciliation. Maria and Arnold had called […]

The Last Stand – Movie review

Ten years after Terminator 3 released in the year 2003, The Last Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on screen to reclaim his title with his new action flick The Last Stand. Like a typical Arnold movie, it has more brawn and less brain, but never fails to entertain the audience. The movie servers as a decent comeback for the 65-year-old ex-governor of California. The Last […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger confesses to nursing a love child

Hollywood FAQs: In a shocking revelation, American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently confessed that he had an illegitimate child out side his marriage. The revelation came on Tuesday, when he had confessed that he took care of a love child with the help of a domestic help. The confession was made after a week that it was announced that he and his wife Maria Shriver have […]