Rob Zombie’s 31 Movie Review, It’s Horrifying for the Wrong Reasons!

Rob Zombie’s 31 was release in mid-October as a Halloween Special but quickly spilled all over the place, just like blood from a smashed up skull (Happy Halloween!) So we went ahead and put together a quick movie review, read on! What’s the Film About? 31 falls under the horror film genre, and tells the story of a group of carnival folk who have been […]

7 Halloween Special Movie Releases You Should Lookout For This October!

Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals of October. In most of the countries Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. This day is dedicated to the dead including saints and martyrs. The exciting part of this extravaganza is that everyone participates in activities like attending Halloween costume parties, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror films. Here’s a list of Horror […]


Horror-Of-Horrors, Rob Zombie’s 31 Is A Clown Nightmare!

Rocker Rob Zombie is a multi-talented artist with a penchant for all things Halloween. Whether it’s his music or the way he garbs himself, he loves things that would scare this average mortal. So it comes as no surprise then, that around the costume-themed festival of horrors, that he is releasing his independent film, 31. And yes, if you have a phobia for clowns, then […]