Halle Berry talks about her daughter’s love for fragrances

Hollywood FAQs: Hollywood actress Halle Berry in an interview during the FIFI awards in New York had said that her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry is a very girly girl. The 44 year old mother said that her daughter loves to put on her fragrances. Nahla’s father is the actress’s ex boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. Berry had also said that making her own perfume had impressed Nahla […]

Janice Dickinson loses her false teeth in a restaurant?

Hollywood FAQs: American model and fashion photographer Janice Dickinson recently found herself in a very embarrassing situation. The 56-year-old model lost two of her false teeth, while dining in a restaurant in Southampton. Before starting her meal, the model had removed her false tooth and wrapped them in a napkin. Dickinson said that she became so engrossed in chatting with her old friend that she […]

Kim Kardashian to plan her wedding like the royal wedding

Hollywood FAQs: American socialite and actress Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe Kardashian, has recently predicted that he sister will be having the most lavish and huge wedding. Khloe further went on to say that the wedding may even be similar to that of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. Just a couple of days had passed after it was made official that Kim has been […]

Lindsay Lohan begins house confinement in Venice, California

Hollywood FAQs: American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan had surrendered on Thursday morning at 5 am to serve her sentence of house arrest. The actress reported at the Lynwood jail, where she was fitted with electronic ankle bracelets. With an hour Lohan was sent to her house in Venice in California. The actress will be spending some 35 days of confinement. Lohan was sentenced to […]

Aruna Shields posts her nude picture on Facebook

Hollywood FAQs: British actress of Anglo-Indian descent, Aruna Shields recently joined the list of actresses who do not mind doing some skin show on a social network. The actress uploaded her nude pictures on a social networking site, much to the shock of her fans across the globe. The ‘Prince’ actress is seen in the photo with measle rashes all over her body. In the […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger confesses to nursing a love child

Hollywood FAQs: In a shocking revelation, American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently confessed that he had an illegitimate child out side his marriage. The revelation came on Tuesday, when he had confessed that he took care of a love child with the help of a domestic help. The confession was made after a week that it was announced that he and his wife Maria Shriver have […]

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon bring home the twins

Hollywood FAQs: American pop singer-actress Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon have been allowed to take home her twin babies. The singer gave birth to the twins on 30th April and has been discharged from the hospital. Nick Cannon and Mariah have named their twins Moroccan and Monroe. Cannon is more than excited to have them at home as this will be the first time […]

Tamera Mowry gets married to Adam Housley in California

Hollywood FAQs: American actress Tamera Mowry on Sunday got hitched to her best friend and Fox News Channel Correspondent Adam Housley. The ‘Sister Sister’ actress got married in an out door venue in a vineyard in Napa Valley in California. The wedding was attended by 300 people, which included close friends and family members of the couple. Mowry said that she always wanted to have […]