Michael Jackson’s physician requests delay of trial

HollywoodFAQs: Pop icon Michael Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray had earlier pleaded the court to grant him more time to prove his innocence. Now the Judge in Los Angeles has to take the decision, whether to give the defense some time or not. Murray had been alleged of man slaughtering the pop star and gross negligence in administering propofol, an anesthetic to Jackson. The judge Michael […]

Kylie Minogue happy to celebrate fifth cancer free year

HollywoodFAQs: Australian singer, Kylie Minogue feels lucky and blessed to have been able to fight cancer a few years ago. The pop star was diagnosed with the disease in the year 2005 and underwent all the required surgeries to overcome the deadliest disease. Minogue was given thumbs up by her doctors in the following year after the surgeries worked positively on her, making the singer […]

Kate Hudson panics as she doesn’t feel prepared for pregnancy

HollywoodFAQs: American actress Kate Hudson approaches the final stages of her pregnancy, the actress feels that she isn’t prepared and is slightly getting panicked. The actress has said that she does not feel confident and prepared and has not even picked a name for her baby. Hudson is right now pregnant with her fiancé Matt Bellamy. The actress is due to give birth this summer. […]

Mad Men actress January Jones is pregnant

Hollywood FAQS: American actress January Jones has recently made it official that she is pregnant. A representative of Jones had made the announcement that she is expected to give birth this autumn. The representative of the actress has said that she is happy to announce her pregnancy. However, the father of the child wasn’t announced but the actress said that she does not mind being […]