Whitney Duncan actually married before appearing on Survivor?

Hollywood FAQs: American country music artist Whitney Duncan had entered the show ‘Survivor’ and had portrayed herself as a 27-year-old singer who is single and is a resident of Nashville. But the fact is that the singer is actually married since August 1, 2010 to musician Donny Fallgatter had tied the knot in Gatlinburg, Tennesse.

Moreover, the singer was also the runner up of the Country Weekly’s ‘Hottest Bachelorette’ in the year 2011. The country singer and the 32-year-old musician had met in the year 2010 at the CMA Music Festival that was held at Nashville. They announced their engagement to their friends and family, just before Duncan left for the shoot of ‘Survivor’. One of the friends of Donny said that he was absolutely faithful towards Duncan and that many times he had also gone to help her parents at their residence in West Tennessee. But one fine day, Fallgatter had got a call from Duncan saying that she is in a relationship with her co-star Keith Tollefson.

When the singer returned from the show to the US, Tollefson and Duncan were spotted a few times in Nashville. Moreover, the country singer has also referred to Tollefson as her boyfriend in her Tweets. Duncan Tweeted that it was a nice rainy day and that she had wished that she could just lay on the couch and watch movies with my boyfriend but was too busy for that. On a later date, the singer had once again Tweeted that her boyfriend had kicked her out of the kitchen is being a bully.

On the other hand, none of them have spoken about the facts and what exactly are Fallgatter, Tollefson and Duncan are up to. It is still not clear if Whitney is married or single.