Brad Pitt pacifies struggling actor with suicidal thoughts

Hollywood FAQs: Hollywood actor Brad Pitt did what made him a hero in the eyes of the public. On November 27, 2011 Pitt was there at the Cary Grant Theatre in Culvery City in California for the screening of the movie ‘Moneyball’, when he came across a stranger with suicidal thoughts.

The 47-year-old star came across a distraught man during a question and answer session amidst hundreds of fans. Some of the eye witnesses said that the 30 something, who was a struggling actor, told the star and his co-star Jonah Hill and also the crowd that he was dealing with suicidal thoughts alone in his car before the event.

The stranger then added that the film gave him a renewed sense of hope. For the actor, it was an awkward moment and was even choked when the man revealed his problems to the crowd.

The ‘Fight Club’ actor pacified the man saying that life is up and down like a vicious cycle, but he has to go through it and deal with that. Pitt continued saying that a person can be down, but then it is time to come up again and that every failure can lead to success. What touched the spectators that the actor took time to talk to the man while leaving the theatre at the most fragile moment.