Tori Spelling and Dean ready for fourth baby?

Hollywood FAQs: American actress Tori Spelling has just given birth to her third baby with husband Dean McDermott, but is reportedly not yet satisfied. Tori and Dean recently welcomed their baby girl Hattie and want to expand their family further and have their fourth child.

Dean, along with his wife, revealed on November 29, 2011 that they would have a fourth child. The actress and her husband promoted the return of their Oxygen reality show ‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’.

Dean added that when the couple came to know that Tori was pregnant with Hattie, they knew that they wanted another child after Hattie. Tori and Dean came to know about the pregnancy through a home pregnancy test.

The actress even revealed that their daughter Hattie has not made things more hectic in their household. Hattie was born in the month of October and added that people think that it becomes a chaos after having more than two kids. Tori shared that people came and told her that usually people lose their mind after the second one, but for her it was just the same.