Dr.Conrad Murray asked to pay more than $100 million to Michael Jackson’s children

Hollywood FAQs: Things have gone from bad to worse for Dr. Conrad Murray who is involved in the manslaughter case of the veteran singer Michael Jackson. Prosecutors have asked the judge Michael Pastor to order the doctor to pay the children of the singer more than $100 million as compensation. It has been mentioned in the new court documents that the three children of Jackson are entitled to wages of profits lost due to the injury to the victim.

Just before the death of the singer, Jackson was preparing for his tour ‘This Is It’, which was highly lucrative and would have generated revenue of more than $100 million. According to the prosecutors, the children of the singer are the victims under the law and are therefore also entitled to restitution from Murray. The children are entitled to the loss of earnings and also the funeral expenses.

The jury is further considering that if that is not enough then the district attorney is also considering the maximum punishment that would be four years in the state prison.

The prosecutors said that Murray was constantly risking Jackson’s life every night and was also lied in the court to cover up his crime. Dr. Murray is in prison since November 7, 2011 and is waiting for the sentence. Jackson’s body was found unresponsive at his mansion in Los Angeles on June 29, 2009, just three weeks before he was to perform at a come back concert at London’s O2 Arena.

Murray administered Jackson with propofol, which is a powerful anaesthetic and used in surgeries. During the six week long trial, most of the professionals agreed that Murray should not have administered the singer with the powerful drug. Murray had constantly said in the court that Jackson had self administered the drug and that he was longing to have some sleep.