Brad Pitt to quit acting at 50 and have more kids with Angelina Jolie?

Hollywood FAQs: Hollywood actor Brad Pitt revealed in a recent interview how long he plans on continuing his acting career. In an interview with ‘Australia 60 Minutes’, Pitt revealed that he would continue acting till he is 50. The 47-year-old actor said that he is really enjoying the producing side and development of the stories and putting them together.

The ‘Ocean’s 11’ star might even have plans to quit Hollywood at a point, but added that he is open to have more kids with his love Angelina Jolie. Brad and Angelina already have six kids and does not mind increasing the number. So in future it, can be hoped that more kids can join ten year old Maddox, seven year old Pax, six year old Zarah, five year old Shiloh and three year old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Pitt stated that he relishes the sleepless nights he and Angelina spent in the chaos of parenting such a large group of kids. The actor even shared that there were ties when one of the kids would be up or in the morning someone would end up making pan cakes in the kitchen. During the interview, Pitt was also asked an unusual question if he was happy these days. Brad answered that he thinks that happiness is overrated and thinks sometimes he is happy and sometimes he is not.

The actor added that there is too much pressure to be happy and added that he does not care and knows he would be happy sometimes and also knows that he will not be happy sometimes.