Mariah Carey’s twins appear for the first time on TV

Hollywood FAQs: The much awaited moment for fans to have a look at the babies of singer Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon finally happened on 21st October on the show 20/20. Mariah’s twins made their TV debut along with their parents on the show that was hosted by Barbara Walters.

The twins, Moroccan and Monroe, appeared along with their happy parents and had spoken about their first experience as parents. Carey had discussed her difficult pregnancy and had also shared that she would not like to have more kids.

While talking about the future of the babies, Cannon said that he wants them to get a PhD, while mama Carey suggested that they should follow her footsteps as they respond well to music. During the show, Cannon showed off his Mariah tattoo on his back, after which Carey said that she never believed that anybody likes her.

While revealing the tattoo, Nick said that Mariah was his crush from day one. Carey also said that she has always thought that it is some kind of joke. After the failure of her first marriage, Mariah said that she was hesitant of the second marriage, but added that this is a different situation for her.