Kylie Minogue wants to experience snowfall in December

Singer Kylie Minogue would be really happy if she gets to see snowfall on this year’s Christmas eve. She has never experienced snowfall in her home country Australia during December.

Minogue is an Australian and it is summer time during Christmas in her country. She said that she would be a five year old if she experiences snowfall in New York. She is scheduled to be there for the release of ‘Let It snow’, a 1945 classic originally sung by Vaughn Monroe sometime in December.

Minogue said, “I think it’s kind of ironic that I’m singing ‘Let It Snow’ being an Australian – we don’t have snow at Christmas time. So if in fact it does snow whilst I’m in New York this year, I’ll be like a five year old kid, I’ll be so excited.”
The ‘All The Lovers’ singer added, “It’s always a big thrill for me to be on the side of the world where it’s a white Christmas.”

‘Let it snow’ is considered to be a festive song but nowhere in the song has the lyricist Sammy Cahn mentioned about Christmas. The song is composed by Jule Styne.

Hollywood FAQ:
Who is Kylie Minogue?
Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer, who has even played the role of “The Green Fairy” in the Hollywood mega movie Moulin Rouge!