Movie Review of Transformers – The Last Knight

Transformers - The Last Knight

It is the fifth and the last movie from the Transformers franchise

Transformers – The Last Knight is the last one from the Transformers franchise. Director Michael Bay has stretched it to the far extent in the Transformers series. This last one is about 1600 years ago when the First Transformer on Earth gives a wand to a wizard to defeat the evil. And now, the evil returns to get the wand and fights with the Transformers. Harriet Tubman is the first woman to appear on American currency and is also a part of a secret organization who knows about the existence of Transformers on Earth.

In the film, Transformers help King Arthur in his battles. His wizard, Merlin is given a wand by a Transformer. Later, the wizard becomes the key to the creation of the planet, Cybertron. As Cybertron is destroyed, the evil queen of Cybertron leads the broken planet closer to Earth to seek for the wizard. Cade (Wahlberg), is the last knight who can stop Earth and Cybertron from colliding, whereas Vivian (Haddock) is the last surviving descendant of Merlin who is capable yielding the wand.

The movie goes about in a perpetual motion. New characters are introduced and then get sidelined. The story spans thousands of years ago. It leads into a blank space where the audience doesn’t get an idea of where the story is headed to. A team of six people edited the film and it took four people to write the script. The film was undeniably a magnificent one but was lost in parts here and there.

By now, the movies of Transformers have proved to be oblivious and full of VFX explosions. Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tom DeSanto, Don Murphy and Ian Bryce, the film features Mark Wahlberg, Isabella Moner, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Duhamel, Laura Haddock and a few others. We recommend that you watch Transformers – The Last Knight if you have no other plans for the weekend!