Kris Jenner says Kim Kardashian’s expensive engagement ring won’t be returned

Hollywood FAQs: The Kardashians have always been in the news since the marriage of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian was announced. But ever since the reality star has filed for a divorce on 31st October, all the fans are eager to know if she would return the $2 million engagement ring.

On 3rd November, Kim’s mother and the family manager Kris Jenner had appeared on ‘Fox and Friends to promote ‘Kris Jenner … And All Things Kardashian’. Jenner had opined that she does not think she has to return the 20. 5 carat engagement ring.

When the hosts of the show had asked Jenner, she had said that she was hearing this for the first time and that its between them and a gift is a gift. Jenner added that if taken a look at the etiquette book it says that gifts should be kept and not returned. Kris had also said that she does not think that Kim is as concerned about it as else. Jenner in the interview had also said that she does not think that it is about the gift or the money but it is what she feels.

The family manager also said that it is about two people and their changing lives. Surprisingly, the new author could not get a better time to launch a publicity tour for her book. Jenner clarified that the family is not thinking about such frivolous things. The author also revealed that it is definitely a big deal and an expensive item, but Kim is not thinking about it right now.

Reports had said that the Kardashian family was after making money through the marriage as it had lasted just 72 days. But Jenner had clarified that the family did not make any money from the wedding and added that the reports are completely false, inaccurate and ridiculous.