Warner Bros. Aim High web series to premiere on October 18 on Facebook

Hollywood FAQs: American film production house Warner Bros., will soon be launching a web series on the social networking site Facebook on October 18. The show which is named as ‘Aim High’ will be personalized for the viewers and is an action comedy series.

The series is about a boy who is a student, but becomes a government operative at night. The series stars Jackson Rathbone of Twilight fame and Aimee Teegarden of the Friday Night Lights fame.

The news is that the users will be allowed to integrate themselves in to the show. After the viewer adds the application on their page, then they would give access to all the profile information. This would then integrate the photograph of the user in the poster in the graffiti.

Thomas Gewecke, the president of Warner Bros. said that Facebook is an increasingly influential destination for discovering as well as acquiring the movie and TV content. The president further added in a statement that the effort would take video distribution to new level by making the actual viewing experience personal as well as social. This would provide the users with a unique, innovative and entertaining experience. The series also allows communal viewing, where the viewers can share their comments, tweets and scenes.