Jurors focus on last actions of Dr.Conrad Murray when Michael Jackson died

Hollywood FAQs:After the beginning of the trial of the death of Michael Jackson, the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray will now focus on the actions of the doctor, the day the pop star had died. Murray has been accused of manslaughter of Jackson by administering him with the drug propofol.

During the trials last week, the jurors heard all the witnesses who were present during the death of the ‘Thriller’ singer. Some of the staffers and paramedics were also present during the last few moments of Jackson.

Richard Seneff, a paramedic, had said that he had seen several things in the bedroom of the singer, which had seemed inconsistent. Seneff said that he had seen Jackson lying on the floor with eyes open and a surgical sap on his head. The paramedic added that the skin of Jackson was turning blue and he had also seen the doctor sweating and in a panicky state.

For about 42 minutes, the team of paramedics tried their best to revive the singer. Seneff had then said that Murray had then revealed that he had given a dose of lorazepam, which is a sedative to put the singer to sleep. Some bottles of medicines were lying on Jackson’s nightstand and then Murray had stated that he was treating the singer for dehydration and exhaustion.

Seneff also said that Murray had never mentioned that he was giving the singer certain doses of propofol. The 58-year-old doctor has not pleaded guilty and if he is convicted, then the doctor would lose his medical license and also spend four years in jail. On the other hand, the prosecutors were stressing that the cardiologist had constantly lied to the paramedics about the treatment so as to hide his actions. The prosecutors have claimed that Murray has administered with a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol.