Kristen Stewart Debuts New Extreme Haircut On The Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart
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Seriously, who doesn’t secretly (or even openly) have a crush on Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart? Since her days as the confused Bella Swan being pursued by a sparkly vampire and a lovelorn werewolf, she has transformed her image, both on and off camera, and is slowly becoming a cult youth icon. Extremely private, awkward and downright beautiful, the 26-year-old leaves us in awe every time she makes an appearance on the red carpet.

This time, she arrived for the premier of her latest movie, Personal Shopper. Clad in an all-black ensemble, she showed off her extremely toned abs – but for the first time, people didn’t notice her physique. Her new haircut is what has got people talking. Kristen Stewart has officially shaved off all her hair and dyed the buzz cut platinum blonde. And my oh my, she looks stunning. Her defined cheek bones and punk attitude really go with the new ‘do, and it is perfect for the summer. Can’t. Stop. Staring.


Kristen Stewart Personal Shopper movie premier
Kristen Stewart at the premier for her latest film, Personal Shopper

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But if you’re thinking that she’s buzzed it all off for fashionable reasons, you could be wrong. Kristen is currently working on her new film called Underwater. And apparently the story involves a bunch of underwater researchers who are at a loss of time after their laboratory gets destroyed due to an earthquake.

For the moment, let’s move our attention away from Kristen Stewart’s hair and fashion sense, and focus on her latest thriller flick, Personal Shopper. In an interview with a magazine, she spoke about her new indie role, one that is more intense than mainstream Hollywood. Personal Shopper has nothing to do with retail, and is more about a newly developing mode of communication. She says, “When you speak to someone on the phone, that is a decipherable, understandable exchange. But with text and social media, it’s essentially a dialogue with yourself and your interpretation of a shadow. It’s not invalid; it’s a new language.

Personal Shopper will release in theatres on March 10, 2017.