Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to officially divorce?

Hollywood FAQs: After many reports of infidelity by actor Ashton Kutcher and also his troubled marriage with wife Demi Moore, there are reports that the couple may split. Some of the indications were given in the tweets of the celebrities, couple with the alleged news that Moore has hired a top divorce lawyer.

On 23rd September, the ‘Striptease’ actress had shared a quote from a Greek Philosopher named Epictetus which said that when we are offended by any man’s fault, turn at yourself and study your own mistakes in life and you will forget all the anger.

Moreover, the two had also spent their wedding anniversary on 24th September being apart from each other. On 23rd September, Kutcher came to San Diego to spend a weekend partying along with his former co-star Danny Masterson. There were reports that he had a fling with Sara Leal.

On the day of his anniversary, the actor had stayed away from tweeting anything. The 48-year-old actress has been in New York to promote a short film that she has directed, which is a part of Lifetime’s TV anthology, Five. Moore had also attended the premier of the short from along with Jennifer Aniston, who has also directed a shot in the film. Meanwhile, the 33-year-old actor was in Los Angeles to present an award to Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday at the Promise Gala 2011 of LA.

Kutcher has recently returned to the TV series ‘Two And a Half Men’. None of the representatives of the actors have commented on the issue of the separation between the two. Kutcher and Moore had started dating in the year 2003 and had got married after two years of dating in the year 2005. But trouble started between the two a year back, when the infidelity reports started doing the rounds in the media. This was the time the couple had taken a trip to Israel, which Kutcher had described as a spiritual journey.

Newer reports state that the couple have turned to spirituality to save their marriage after more and more reports of Kutcher’s alleged infidelity emerges.