Oscars 2017: Best Moments from the 89th Academy Awards

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Leave it to Hollywood to make a show that is worth remembering. Last night (February 26), the biggest night of the year for film saw the biggest celebrities make their way from the red carpet to the stage to accept their life-changing Oscars for brilliant performances last year.

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No prizes for guessing, but La La Land was a winner for the night, along with Spotlight and Manchester By The Sea. Of course, like any Hollywood event, there was extravagance and controversy galore.

Let’s take a look at the Oscars 2017: Best Moments from the 89th Academy Awards –

Jimmy Kimmel

Host of the Tonight Show With Jimmy Kimmel, he knows how to work an audience. Between jokes and jabs at President Donald J Trump, he kept the whole night going with his antics. That included parachute-dropping candy and donuts into the audience that happily grabbed at packages as they came tumbling down.


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Can’t Stop The Feeling

Justin Timberlake opened the show on a happy note by live performing his single for Trolls. Though he didn’t win the award for the night, his moves got the whole audience on their feet, dancing like little children.


True Star of Hidden Figures Makes an Appearance

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe came out to announce the winner for the best documentary, but decided to add a little surprise – they brought out the real NASA scientist, Katherine Johnson, who Henson portrayed on Hidden Figures. The now 98-year-old lady couldn’t speak, but managed to say, “Thank you very much” to a teary-eyed audience.



Mahershala Ali

Spotlight won big at the Oscars, and first-time winner Mahershala Ali had a lot to be thankful for. For one, he just became a first-time father this past week. He gave a heart-warming speech after he accepted his award for Best Supporting Actor.



Viola Davis’ Speech

If there was an award for speeches at the Oscars 2017, it had to go to Viola Davis. The Fences actress picked up the golden statue for her performance in the film, and went on to move everyone in the room.


Political Jibes

If there was one unsurprising part to the evening, it was that things would get political. From Jimmy Kimmel tweeting Donald Trump during the Oscars, to presenter Gael Garcia Bernal talking about being against walls, people did not miss the opportunity to share their views on the current political situation in the country.


Seth Rogen resurrected Back To The Future

After putting the whole room into splits with his singing of a song from the musical Hamilton, the comedian had Michael J Fox on stage with him, and even wore the famous self-tying sneakers from the sci-fi cult movie.


Jimmy Kimmel’s take on The Lion King with Sunny Pawar

The cutest kid since the kids of Slumdog Millionaire, Lion star Sunny Pawar was lifted into the air by the host, while the music from The Lion King played in the background.



Jennifer Aniston’s tearful tribute to Bill Paxton

The world was shocked with the sudden passing of 61-year-old Twister star, Bill Paxton mere hours before the Oscars were held. And it was the Friends star who gave him a tearful memorial.




Best Picture, who?

Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway announced that La La Land had won for Best Picture, and then realized their mistake a little too late. The team for the modern musical already made it on stage, when the real winner, Spotlight, was eventually announced. Did Steve Harvey have anything to do with it?!



And the best comment for that gaffe goes to this YouTube commentator who said:

“Somewhere Hillary is sitting there wondering if she actually won the election. Nah, you lost you old bitter cow.” – CanaBruin


You gotta love the Internet!