Martina McBride: Light Up The Sky event on October 14

Hollywood FAQs: As the breast cancer awareness month begins this October, country singer Martina McBride will soon be hosting a private show in New York. The singer has already sung about women issues in the past and now will be hosting a private as well as a benefit show which is called as ‘Martine McBride: Light Up The Sky’ on 14th October.

The singer said that they want to send collective messages of hope to breast cancer patients, survivors as well as supporters as they have turned one of the world’s most popular landmarks pink. McBride has recently released her single ‘Im Gonna Love You Through It’.

The single is based on a true store about Lily Isaacs, who is a breast cancer survivor and has been free of the deadly disease for more than 27 years. And this was something the singer did not known when she had heard of the tune.

While talking about her second single from her upcoming album,‘Eleven’, McBride said that it was so honest and that her first thought was if people would be comfortable of they hear this. The writers had used some of the words that are usually not used in songs.