Scarlett Johansson opens up about her nude photo scandal

Hollywood FAQs: American actress Scarlett Johansson went vocal in an interview about all the unwanted questions surrounding her shocking nude photo scandal. The ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ actress said that she felt wronged by the illegal phone hacking and was unimpressed by the way the private lives of celebrities are disrespected.

The phone hacking of the 26-year-old actress led to nude photographs of the star surfacing all over the internet.

While talking to David McKenzie, the ‘Lost on Translation’ star opened up about the pros and cons of being a famous celebrity. In reply to David’s question about how she handles the unwanted attention of being a celebrity, Johansson stated that being a celebrity doesn’t mean only getting involved in films, but it also conveys the fact that a person is entitled to their own privacy. The actress went on to criticize the way celebrities are deprived of their privacy and she termed it as ‘unfair and wrong’.

Johansson also talked about her trip to Kenya, as well as impoverished areas in Africa in a recent interview.

On September 14, 2011, some shocking nude photographs of the star were leaked online from her phone and this made her an infamous sensation on the internet. Johansson’s attorney acted promptly and threatened many of the websites with legal consequences if the the pictures were not removed.

Meanwhile, the stunning ‘Match Point’ actress – who is still fresh from her split with Sean Penn – was spotted with her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds at a Radiohead concert on Thursday, which has prompted rumor mills to go into overdrive again with some sources even hinting of a possible reconciliation between the former lovers.