Heidi Klum speaks about her topless appearance in Italy – Photos

Hollywood FAQs: American show host, model and actress Heidi Klum recently appeared on The Tonight Show and talked about her recent topless appearance while she was vacationing. The actress went topless while she was on a holiday in Sardina along with her husband Seal and children.

Show host Jay Leno cornered her on the famous talk show and asked questions regarding her topless appearance, which was caught by the paparazzi. On the show, Leno teased the former Victoria’s Secret model and was curious to know how many bathing suits she carries on a trip.

The ‘Ella Enchanted’ actress was also quick to answer that she carried more bottoms than tops. The actress also joked that she was surprised to see that they had the pictures of her wearing the top.

Heidi also defended her topless act saying that she does not like the tan lines, to which the host also had stated that even tan lines can look sexy. But the actress was clever enough and said that her husband likes it all in one color. The actress had also added that it is a practice in Italy that they do not care if they are wearing a top or not.

Heidi Klum is a leading fashion model and is married to ‘Kiss from a Rose’ singer Seal. The couple have 3 children together, and Klum has another child from a previous relationship. The couple have often been open about their love for each other and after giving birth to her fourth child, the stunning model said she her family is complete now.

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Heidi Klum topless in Italy- Censored