Game Of Thrones Marathon To Air On HBO This Winter Break

Game Of Thrones

Winter is here!

Deck the halls with your favorite house sigil, because HBO is giving us the most wonderful Christmas present ever – a marathon of Game Of Thrones is coming your way! What better way to get through your dark and dreary days in the cold? And of course, this comes as a perfect excuse to ditch your relatives (who you don’t want to be around anyway) and feast yourself at the table of the Lannisters!

HBO is launching the Game Of Thrones marathon starting the day after Christmas, so let your hangover be that much more worth it. Visit the Stark home in Winterfell, and relive the kindness of Ned Stark, so perfect for the season of giving. Meet the direwolves in the snow, with each Stark child given their protector – and the bastard Jon Snow receiving his runt of the litter, Ghost, who as we now know is still protecting him on the Wall and beyond.

Reliving Game Of Thrones all over again is so damn exciting. We get to meet the slain once again – from Ned Stark (that was the biggest curveball in television history, wasn’t it?!) to Ygritte the wildling, to Khal Drogo (oh, yes!), not to mention Bran Stark’s epic fall from the tower when we first get to know the Lannister twins are shacking up like a bunch of horny rabbits.  Holy sh*t! You also get to witness the Red Wedding all over again. So much to see! It really is a journey worth re-taking again and again. Thank you, HBO!

Here’s how you will get to watch HBO’s Game Of Thrones from Season 1 to Season 6 and take the journey through Westeros, the Land Beyond the Wall and the Free Cities all over again. Tune in to HBO 2 everyday – they are airing one entire season a day from Boxing Day to New Year’s, so you’ve got yourself sorted out.

The latest season of Game Of Thrones, Season 7 has been leaked thanks to a Reddit user. However, no one really cares, because watching it on the silver screen is what the experience is about. Thanks to George R R Martin and the production team who are the biggest teasers of the decade, the latest season has been pushed back to Summer 2017, instead of the usual spring. Also, rumors are rife that the book that the author is working on, Winds Of Winter will be out next year. Finally. Also, yes, UFC fighter Conor McGregor has been confirmed for the upcoming season. Hopefully he will be the one to kill The Mountain? Nah, probably not. That’s The Hound’s job!