Meghan Markle Writes Revealing Essay About Being Bi-Racial in Hollywood

Meghan Markle Shares With Elle on What It’s Like Being Bi-Racial

After keeping it to herself all this while, Meghan Markle is finally opening up about what it is like as a biracial actress in Hollywood. Suits Actress Markle has become a paparazzi favorite after it was revealed earlier this year, that she is dating Prince Harry.

In an essay penned for Elle UK, the 35-year-old actor revealed that she was initially “scared” of discussing her biracial status in public. Markle was born to a black mother and a white father. The two met in showbiz.

Meghan grew up in a non-diverse neighborhood in the predominantly white suburbs of Los Angeles. Her mother was many times confused for her nanny as she had a darker skin complexion. Growing up, she watched the discrimination her mother faced and felt confused about her mixed race quite often.

For Markel, Hollywood brought about a new start in her life. Her “ethnically ambiguous” status left her open to audition for any role, including Latina and African American. Unfortunately, this did not matter as she was neither white enough for a white role nor black enough for a black role.

She found herself caught somewhere in the middle. She described herself as the “ethnic chameleon” who could not book a job.

Then Suits came along, saving her dying career. The actor plays Rachel Zane, a whip-smart legal mind on the USA series. The producers were not looking to cast any specific look. Despite her success, Markle has had to block racist trolls on Twitter due to her role on Suits.

Currently, the actor is once again a target following her high-profile royal romance. Prince Harry confirmed their relationship back in November and even went on to shield her from ugly attacks, as she has faced constant harassment and abuse.

Meghan Markle continues to shine in her role, and as she writes, she is focusing on carving her career path.

More Power to you girl!