Westworld Season 2 Fan Theories – Who Will Control the Park?

10 Character Who Will Compete to Run the World in Season 2

Alert – This article may contain spoilers ahead!

Before we start, incase you don’t know what’s all the fuss about around Westworld – here’s a lo-down;

The engaging sci-fi series is set in a futuristic park that fits rich vacationers in the American societal setup. Westworld American Series allows the movies enthusiasts to live up to their fantasies expectations through vivid artificial consciousness. Westworld series is based on the Michael Crichton film that was developed in 1973.

Following Westworld series allows the movie enthusiast meet up with their wish, watching them being indulged in a vivid way. Westworld series features Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins, the winners who met their moonlight of their lifetime after taking home Golden Globe and Oscar Awards respectively.

Westworld Series Premiere on HBO

Westworld is one of the best-selling series in the entertainment industry, a series that incorporates 10 episodes per series. Other casts of this movie include Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton.

Westworld season 1 left people asking for more as the season finale was so intense – dramatically and emotionally.

What to expect in Westworld season 2?

Westworld season being over, fan are going crazy over the show and have spawned quite a few theories as to where will Dolores’ massacre lead the story line in Season 2. According to HBO producers, we can expect Season 2 to be out in 2018 – this is going to be a long wait!

Who is fit to Control the park in Westworld season 2?

Westworld season 2 is expected to engage a series of events both dramatically and emotionally. Thanks to Ford’s dramatic retirement plan (total sabotage) it’s time for a new god in town! The following characters will compete for one on one to determine who will take over the park in the next season.



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Let’s just admit it – We love Dolores! The oldest host at Westworld – she’s clearly the top contender in the race to rule Westworld. Her beach party massacre was as cold blooded as it gets – but I’m afraid that’s just the beginning.

Since she learned to trust the ‘voice within’ she finally realized her destiny and transformed from victim to killing machine, slaughtering her creators at Ford’s redemption party. Who knows, this one might be even more evolved than the average human. Bonus: she’s got O.G. host Teddy supporting her, making her more primed than anyone else to reign over Westworld!



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Next in line is mild-mannered Bernard. With the park’s founders thoroughly dead, Bernard is the host with most technical knowledge.



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This epic woman – who laughed in the face of death, tore out her own arm in an episode, set herself on fire to find freedom is the host I am putting my money on! Maeve – the mom turned madam who has managed to raise a powerful army of hosts is definitely one of the strongest contenders after Dolores to rule the world!



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Clem is the ultimate “thoroughly unexpected” warrior, to quote Charlotte Hale’s management handbook. The fact that she smashed a tech’s head in after he brutalized her was a perfect switeroo of the tormented – tromentor. Watch for this one guys!

Elsie Hughes and Ashley Stubbs


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Even though the show clearly favors robot rule every step of the way, these guys stand a chance to rule a human-dominant world order – with their talent and grit.



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So why not Felix? Wouldn’t it be such joy to see this desperate-to-be-useful employee rise to the top with A.I Queen Maeve’s influence and maybe take over Westworld?



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Maybe ‘El Lazo’ isn’t Westworld God material – but this cool thug with timely comic relief will surely give tough competition to other contenders. He will definitely be an amusing guy to watch out for as a casual revolutionary leader in the human vs. robot war.

Peter Abernathy


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This guy – the part time shakespeare spewing cannibal and part time farm dad could be the wild card. Since Lee has loaded him up with enough data to duplicate Westworld, he could either become a super-host or just completely lose it!

Lee Sizemore


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Even though it looks a long shot for this weasel – he may stand a chance to grab power in such turbulent times at the park. This tantrum thrower would come out on top every time because of how well he excelled at living on the ends of Charlotte and may have been able to hide from the rebellion.

Charlotte Hale


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While Dolores most likely put and end operator in the massacre that closed Season 1 – Charlotte’s desire to take control seems most likely as she tells Ford in his office that his time is up. So if she does make it out of the worst beach party ever – she’s definitely in the race to control the theme park!

For now we can only wait for Season 2 that’s most likely to release in 2018!

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