Teen Mom OG Reunion – Amber Portwood Fights Farrah Abraham on Camera!

This was one crazy reunion!

The Teen Mom OG reunion special treated the audience to a spectacular show when Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham got into a brawl onstage. The show ended up being everything it promised and more.

During the Teen Mom OG special, the once-friends Amber and Farrah were almost trading blows onstage. So, what exactly happened? Farrah was on stage with her mom Debra. They were discussing how much they needed to work on their relationship. Simon Saran then came out to clear the air on the issue of that infamous engagement ring, pointing out that he had never proposed to Farrah with it.

Dr. Drew then proceeded to ask about Simon’s comments about Matt Baier, Amber’s fiancé, in which Simon referred to Matt as a child molester. To make things worse, Farrah added that Matt did indeed look like a child molester. As they laughed about their costars not being able to take a joke, all hell broke loose when Amber Portwood stormed the stage.

She came up to Farrah’s face about making such insensitive comments about her fiancé. As things were promising to get out of hand, Drew, producers, and the security team all descended on Amber to hold her back.

Farrah’s dad, Michael Abraham, made his way to the stage and got in Amber’s face. At this point, Matt also joined the melee and appears to punch or almost punch Michael in the face. The epic battle continued, as Farrah continued screaming that Matt and Amber were felons. She called on the producers and security to remove the ‘criminals’ from the stage. The show then went on a commercial break, bringing an end to the unfolding drama.

Watch Farrah & Amber’s Violent Brawl Right here!

Both Amber and Farrah then took to Twitter to finish their battle, with each making funny and inappropriate comments of the other.

It is not clear if the show will have another season.

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