Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off Show On Mayans MC Approved By FX


Kurt Sutter created an intense show that ran for seven seasons and gave us all the feels. Sons Of Anarchy was a story that kept us at the edge of our seats with laughter, love, loss, death and pain. And fans were left begging for more for the hit FX show after it ended in 2014. Looks like prayers do get answered, because the drama channel has given its nod of approval for a spin-off to the award-winning motorcycle club show. This spin-off focuses on the Mayans MC, the club that we saw constantly in a love-hate relationship with the Sons.

The show will focus on one of the MC’s members – EZ Reyes, and his tumultuous relationship with another MC and women, from whom he demands respect. The pilot for the show will shoot in March 2017 and will be co-written by the brilliant Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. Who is Elgin James you ask? He is a budding writer who’s first project was directing Little Birds in 2011. Like Sutter, he too has had a shady, troubled past. He was part of the hardcore punk scene and a band called Friends Stand United in the ’80s. Obviously, his life experiences and writing prowess earned him the trust of Sutter for him to be doing this major project for FX.

FX’s Sons of Anarchy created by Kurt Sutter

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Sons of Anarchy won many awards for the show. It followed the story of Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam) who is part of an MC started by his late father in the fictional town of Charming. It follows his personal struggles, including trying to free the club from participating in criminal activities encouraged by his step-father, Clay Morrow (played by Ron Perlman) and his mother, Gemma Teller- Morrow (played by Kurt Sutter’s wife, Katey Sagal). Through seven seasons, we went through intense relationships and story arcs that made the show gain some of the highest ratings in the history of FX. It also dealt with SoA’s relationship with the Mayans in dealing heroin, along with other villains badder than their predecessor.

Watch this space for more on the Sons of Anarchy spin-off show created by Kurt Sutter on the Mayan MC and produced by FX.