Hilary Duff asked to leave The Story of Bonnie and Clyde due to pregnancy?

Hollywood FAQs: After the news of the pregnancy of the Hollywood actress Hilary Duff had been revealed, fans of the ‘Lizzie Mcguire’ star had rejoiced and celebrated the good news. But this might not have been a good news for the producers, who are associated with the actress.

The producers of the upcoming movie ‘The Story of Bonnie and Clyde’ had dropped the actress from the movie due to her pregnancy. Duff had announced her pregnancy last week.

Duff was supposed to play the role of Bonnie, but after the news of her pregnancy had surfaced, the producers are now looking out for other options as the timing is just not working out between the makers and the actress.

Sources from the production unit had announced that Duff will not be available till June 2012 and they could have waited if they could. The actress and her husband Mike Comrie had recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and during the celebrations they had announced that she and her husband were expecting a new family member. The former Disney star had also said that they are happy to share the news and are looking forward towards their new chapter of their lives. The actress also thanked her fans for the love and support throughout the years.