The Flash S3E6 Spoilers – Caitlin Could Become Killer Frost on Earth1!


Cisco Vibed Killer Frost On ‘The Flash’ & It Looks Like Caitlin’s Evil Path May Be Inevitable

It is now evident that Caitlin or Danielle Panabaker future is decidedly evil. Caitlin disclose to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) that she is developing abilities that are comparable to her Earth 2 doppelganger, Killer Frost. These events will be unveiled in “The Flash’s” tonight’s episode. The events that was unveiled in a sneak peak of the season 3 of the sixth episode of the series that is titled “Shade.” In the peak, Caitlin manages to freeze a glass of water using her hands while Cisco watches. The events lead to the revelation that she is also meta-human. Caitlin reveals to her friend that she has been doing this for a while as a surprise.


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Caitlin’s Conversation with Cisco

In the conversation, Caitlin requests Cisco to vibe so she can know whether she will be Killer frost in future. Cisco refuses but later on reluctantly vibes her. This comes after the letter shows that she has strong feelings that she will become killer frost. Caitlin confesses that she needs to know if she will become Killer Frost in future so that she has to leave and never come back if she becomes evil.

The Vibe

In a sneak peek for Season 3, episode 6, titled “Shade,” Caitlin freezes a glass of water with her bare hands in front of Cisco to reveal that she, too, is a metahuman. “Surprise,” a not-so-thrilled Caitlin tells her close friend as she holds the frozen glass of water upside down. “It started a few months ago.”

“That’s why you went to see your mom to see if she can help you,” Cisco replies.

“But she can’t,” says Caitlin, before asking Cisco a favor. “I need you to vibe me in the future because I want to know if I become [Killer Frost].”

In the vibe, he sees himself and Caitlin fighting each other in the vision. Strangely, Cisco does not tell Caitlin and lies by telling her that she is fine. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Panabaker explains why Caitlin did not disclose her powers immediately to her friends. She was terrified of her future and the possibility that she will be Killer Frost.

The synopsis of the episode revealed that Caitlin will actually become Killer Frost. Her inner powers as Killer Frost are unleashed once she puts to use the powers to Save Barry. At this point, her meta human self will take over her person. The summary shows that Caitlin will end up fighting Barry and Cisco as is seen by Cisco in her vision.

Catch The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 on Next Tuesday at 8pm on CW – Enjoy the Teaser trailer for the upcoming episode!

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