New Couple Alert! Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Have Been Getting Close


Do people in Hollywood just get together and start dating?! Apparently they do! There’s a new young couple alert in town, and you won’t believe the coupling. Ok, you probably did because of the article title, but dayum – Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark on the hit HBO series) is getting too close and comfy with former Disney star and current DNCE frontman, Joe Jonas! Oh no, they didn’t!

Fans have been freaking out after images and videos emerged of the couple standing close and talking together, and also the fact that they attended a Kings of Leon concert, sitting too close to be “just friends”, the long-used-and-abused phrase by many-a-guilty hooking-up celebrities. To top that all off, a witness said that every time she turned around to look at them, they were smooching. Peytr “Littlefinger” Baelish is not going to be happy about this, Sansa!

We are a little concerned for Sophie, because that Jonas tongue has been all over town, with Taylor Swift to Gigi Hadid to Demi Lovato. And let’s not forget the fact that he outed his virginity-taker, Twilight star Ashley Greene in a tacky interview. Maybe Ms. Turner likes some Cake By The Ocean, eh?

We are not sure if this romance is going to last, considering Sansa has duties back in the North in Westeros. But if this does go on, tabloids are joking that she will soon the Swiftie squad as their latest member.

The best part about this young love is that they are really open about each other, which means that they are done hiding their romance. They’ve been out and about in public, much aware about camera and video phones and social media where images and videos go up within seconds. Throwing caution to the wind, these two. Let’s see where this goes, but let’s hope Joe doesn’t end up going TMI in an interview about Soph. She’s got the entire North and the Eyrie supporting her!