Kim Kardashian wedding ceremony secrets revealed

American socialite and actress Kim Kardashian on Friday opened out certain tit bits about the wedding ceremony on Saturday. The actress is just moments away from walking the aisle for her big day and she has spilled out certain details of the wedding.

Kim, who is soon going to tie the knot with NBA star Kris Humphries, said that it is all about her dress. Her dress is going to grab all the attention of the guests at the wedding so much that she expects them to say ‘Oh my God, that dress’.

The actress had revealed that the dress has been designed by Vera Wang and has also inputs from her close friend Nicole Richie. Kim’s wedding dress is likely to be a more old fashioned Hollywood style.

While talking about the bridesmaid dresses of Khloe and Kourtney, she clarified that the dresses are not going to be green and are going to be red. While preparing for the big day, the actress confessed that preparing for the wedding has been very stressful and she had some freak out moments a week back due to silly issues. Kardashian also revealed that Bruce Jenner will be walking her down the aisle and her father late Robert Kardashian will be present in spirit.