Doctor Strange Revelations- Secrets, Easter Eggs and Spoilers!


Warning : This article contains spoilers ahead and should only be read once you’ve seen Doctor Strange!

With the newest episode in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hitting cinemas this weekend, we can finally take a deeper look into the Easter eggs, revelations, inspirations and secret within the film.

The Infinity Stones


Image Credits- Entertainment Weekly

These gems are potent cosmic gemstones which will in time be united in a gauntlet under Thanos’ control. Filming for the 2-part Avengers: Infinity War movie begins at the end of 2016. Doctor Strange wears one of the prized infinity stones, an amulet called The Eye of Agamotto, around his neck to aid him in channeling his energy and bending time. Other infinity stones:

  1. Mind Stone – Part of Loki’s scepter, which can command obedience
  2. Power Stone – The orb from Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Reality Stone – A red gem from Thor: The Dark World
  4. Space Stone – This is the Tesseract introduced in Captain America

A Cameo of Thor


Image Credits- Marvel

You always have to sit at least part-way through the credits for a tease of a future Marvel movie, and in this one we see Doctor Strange encountering another character from the magical dimension of the comic book universe – Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

Brother Voodoo


Image Credits- Marvel

Brother Voodoo, a Marvel hero who hails from his homeland, might make it into a future Doctor Strange movie. In fact, Brother Voodoo is already in this one, played by actor Mark Anthony Brighton. He was one of The Ancient One’s guardians, a character named Daniel Drumm, which was the real name of Brother Voodoo before he died and was resurrected.

The Levitation Cloak


Image Credits- Marvel

This is a mystical binding device that temporarily traps Kaecilius long enough to have a conversation with Strange about his reason for wanting to summon ancient ethereal gods to cleanse the earth of humanity. But Strange would never have seen the bands if the cloak didn’t tug him toward them.

Captain Marvel and the War Machine


Image Credits- Marvel

Prior to the car accident which destroyed Doctor Strange’s hands, sending the disbelieving surgeon to seek spiritual healing, he takes a call offering an array of potential new patients. One is a Marine Colonel with a spinal injury from the use of “experimental armor,” clearly referencing Col. James Rhodey, who in Captain America: Civil War was partially paralyzed while wearing the War Machine armor.

Not a Gun in Sight!


Image Credits- Entertainment Weekly

There’s not a single gun in the movie – which may be a first for a superhero film. The villains fight with mystical blades that they conjure from thin air, and Strange uses martial arts or cosmic energy to battle his foes.

Spirit Warriors


Image Credits- Entertainment Weekly

In the Astral Plane Fight, the ghost of one of the minions of villain Kaecilius has a show down with Strange’s soul, while nurse Christine Palmer tries to save Strange’s body from a lethal stab wound. While Dr Strange is under anesthesia, the two grapple in an ethereal dimension, causing poltergeist-like activity in the theatre.

Doctor strange creator, Steve Ditko is Still Alive


Image Credits- Marvel

Steve Ditko literally lives. The elusive comic book artist who co-created Spider-Man and came up with the idea for Doctor Strange is 89 and still staying out of the public eye. But his work now has new life on the big screen, since his imagery from the 1960s Strange Talesseries was a prime inspiration for the film.

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