Mariah Carey v James Packer: Their Love-Life-Gone-Sour So Far


Mariah Carey is known to be a woman who can charm any man. With a killer voice and body to boot, she was the ultimate male fantasy back in the 90s. Her divorce with her last husband, America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon was finalized just a few days before the end of her engagement with her beau, 49-year-old Australian billionaire James Packer. She and her newest man were ready to tie the knot in March 2017, and both seemed smitten with each other before things went awfully wrong.


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According to a source close to the We Belong Together singer said that Mariah “never meant to fall in love” with James, but he lavished her with gifts and fell so completely in love, sending her notes as recent as August where he declared his commitment to her, calling her MCP for Mariah Carey Packer, and saying he couldn’t wait to marry her. Excerpts from the email go as

I’m in love with you and can’t wait to get married and be together forever.

In another email he said

I miss u my girl and love you so much.

Who knew a billionaire couldn’t spell?!

But the duo, who packed on the PDA when in public, took a trip to Mykonos, Greece recently where things reportedly went sour. They had a fight which involved Mariah’s assistant, and since then the two hadn’t been talking. MC thought it was a disagreement that would eventually be resolved, and the source says she was “totally blindsided” by the announcement of the break up of the engagement. She didn’t even hear it from Packer, she got from an Australian tabloid.

It is also reported that Mariah’s keeping her $10 million engagement ring and even demanded $50 million from Packer post the split. The reason for the demand was because that was the amount she would get if they had signed a pre-nuptial agreement, something that her former fiancé had dismissed – he was that eager to marry her and spend his life with her.

It seems that at the beginning of the relationship it was all about Mariah and James. But her constant entourage and paparazzi were putting a bitter taste in the mouth of the billionaire, a man who likes to keep things private. Since the very-public split, Packer has been MIA, while Ms. Carey has been out and about town, visiting Jessica Biel’s restaurant, Au Fudge with her children and then going to fancy places with one of her very-hot backup dancers. Sources are saying she is actually extremely heartbroken and is just putting on a brave face for the cameras.