The Girl On The Train Movie Review – Looks Like It Wasn’t Worth The Wait After All…

Emily Blunt’s outstanding performance isn’t enough to keep The Girl on the Train from sliding sluggishly into exploitative melodrama.

Emily Blunt is known for her amazing performances and she does not fail to match these expectations in The Girl on The Train. However, there are a number of reasons that would make Paula Hawkins (author of the book behind the movie) fans be concerned with the movie. Most of the concerns would be directed to the director of the movie Tate Taylor. However, for those who have already watched the movie before reading the book, it may not be much of a problem.


Plot of The Girl On The Train

The movie tells Rachel’s story. She is devastated by her recent divorce resulting to her fantasizing about a perfect couple when on her daily commute. The couple lives in a house close to where her train passes. The couple seems perfect until one day Rachel sees something shocking that makes her entangled in the unfolding mystery. Rachel introduces herself to Scott inferring that she has crucial information. Rachel’s memory is put into questions following various lapses.

The Cast of the movie includes;

Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson, Justin Theroux as Tom, Rebecca Ferguson as Anna, Allison Janey as Detective Rilley, Halley Bennet as Meghan and Lisa Kudrow as Monica.


Review of The Girl On The Train

“The book is always better than the film” is a pretty tired assertion, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true sometimes- well at least in this case. Not that the critics didn’t warn them, with the film falling foul in its reception and landing a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Firstly, why was the movie based in New York when the book is based in London?

While the movie’s location change does not interfere with the plot, it still changes the feel. The grit of London is substituted for the glamour in New York. Despite the strong British accent, the difference in ambiance is realizable to a discerning viewer.

The same applies to the commuters who adored a more glamorous look than perceived in the book. The cinematography can be described as adventurous. The book is based on deception and the characters of the protagonist while the cinematography presents more feel than necessary.

Our Verdict on The Girl On The Train

while Emily Blunt is the Queen star of the movie, we suggest you watch it only if you haven’t read the book. For those who have read it, we suggest you stick to it and give the movie a pass.


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