Ryan Lochte Gets Engaged To His Playboy Model Girlfriend


Shamed US Olympian and Dancing With The Stars participant, the scandalous Ryan Lochte seems to have sealed the deal in his personal life – he is engaged to his beautiful partner, Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid and isn’t shy to declare his love to the world, as per his official Instagram –

Memories forever!!! #thelochtes #LA

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The picture was captioned: Memories forever #thelochtes #LA

Speechless. Absolutely beautiful. So in love with YOU. ❤️

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His model girlfriend, now fiancé, also uploaded a picture of the two kissing, captioning her Insta pic with: Speechless. Absolutely beautiful. So in love with you. <3

The two had been dating for a while, though Lochte was shy about it at first, denying rumours that he was with anyone, when questioned by the tabloids about his private love life. However, when he was participating in the Rio Olympics this year, Kayla was with him throughout, accompanied by his parents and supporting him throughout his robbery scandal, calling him her “silver fox” for the grey dyed hair he donned at the time. Even during his debacle on Dancing With The Stars, when he was confronted by angry people on the main stage, she stood by him and was their like a true future life partner.

In interviews earlier, when asked about what he would like in a woman, Ryan was known to have said that he was on Tinder then, the popular dating app, and that he was “matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything.” Maybe he met Kayla on Tinder, eh?

He is also quoted as saying: “Honestly, if she can make me laugh, then I’m pretty much sold. If she’s not funny, she’s taking life too seriously and that’s definitely not how I live my life. I have fun in any aspect of my life.” So, you thought that lying about being robbed in Rio was funny, huh?

But, being the professional athlete that he is, he also commented about how a woman would need to understand and keep up with his lifestyle, that demands gruelling schedules and other demands to keep fit: “I’m an Olympic athlete, and there are a lot of demands I have that go on in my life. I’m always on the road. If women are always depending on me to help them, or they’re not independent, that’s a big turn-off.”

Well, we wish the Lochtes a happy future life together and hope there are no more scandals from them anytime soon!