Sons of Anarchy season 4 promo released

Hollywood FAQs: A new promo of the fourth season of the series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ has been released. The footage shows that the gang returns to ‘Charming’ after they were released from the jail. But then the gang realizes that everything has changed for them in the town, and a new sheriff greets them on their trip.

The video also features Jax of Charlie Hunnam, who has sported a new hair cut. A new sheriff played by Rockmond Dunbar and Clay of Ron Perlman, who pulls his gun.

Kurt Settler has revealed that the appointment of the new sheriff will bring a new revolution in the club. Jax will be seen valuing his relationship with Tara more than ever before.

The fourth season of the Sons of Anarchy will be premiered on 6th September at 10 pm on FX. The premier of the series will feature a special 90 minute episode. The creator of the show, Sutter, had recently revealed that he has plans to wrap up the show after the seven seasons of the drama series. He had written on his blog that it was brought to his attention the other day that if they get the luxury of playing out of the seven season arc, then they are half the way completing the task.