The Affair is Back with Season 3 This November – Get Teased with the Trailer Preview!


‘Everybody Killed Scott’

If you think about it, Season 2 finale of The Affair was rather brilliantly written. Noah caused Hellen to get distracted. Hellen did the deed. Alison put him on the road and Cole wouldn’t let Alison and Scott stay apart (resulting in a rather inebriated Scott, that night).

The last episode of Season 2 was complicated for the fans. Viewers received the long-awaited answer on Scotty’s death, but this also left them hanging, as all the main characters were involved, but it was Noah who took the fall.

Here’s what happened in the Season 2 finale of The Affair;

While in Noah Solloway’s perspective, he was upset over Alison Lockhart telling him that Joanie wasn’t his daughter. He went to the bar to blow off steam and ran into his ex-wife, Helen Solloway. The two walked down to the beach and re-kindled old feelings for each other, after which they left the wedding. While driving, Noah reached out to caress Helen’s hand causing her to take her eyes off the road – ramming into Scotty.


However, in Alison’s version she left the wedding after dropping the bomb on Noah and started walking down a dimly lit road where she ran into drunk Scotty. Scotty tried to rape her and the two started fighting after which she shoved him towards the road. It just so happens that Helen’s car hits him at that exact moment.

the-affair-season-2-finale-alison's version

What Should We Expect from Season 3?

Many viewers were surprised and excited at the same time after the show’s executive producers announced that the Showtime drama will get a makeover for season 3 that airs on Nov 20th.

“What we had always said when we started the show was that each season was going to represent a different stage in a love affair,” she explained. “The first season is the crush, the melodrama. And then the second season was always supposed to be darker. It’s what happens when the blush is off the rose, when people doubt each other, when they start to get obsessed with each other. And the third season changes again. I don’t think [the show] quite pays off until the third season.” – The Affair Executive Producer, Sarah Treem 

This teasing trailer that first aired on Friday shows fans what to expect in the new season and a glimpse of the sizzling new actor. Here, watch for yourself.

The main change is that season 3 will be told from five different perspectives instead of season two’s four. The previous season featured perspectives from Noah, Cole, Alison and Helen. Now, coming into the fray is Irene Jacobs, a French actress, who will play Noah’s new love interest, as if the series needed more romantic tangles.

Judging from the trailer, Jacobs is just one of the many changes for the new season. We’ll be re-united with the cast as Noah completes his three-year sentence. The trailer also shows baby Joanie walking by and Noah’s family, who seem to have given up on him. Noah doesn’t seem to waste any time getting back on his feet and then the trailer ends with dramatic twists.

As the series creators put it during this past summer, season 3 will be about the characters dealing with the consequences of their actions. Sarah Treem, the series co-creator also promises the fans more dark sides to the characters, makes you wonder how dark season 3 will get.

The Affair Season 3 Premieres on Showtime on November 20, 2016 at 10p|9c. Mark your calendars people!